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If You Voted, You Contributed to the USA

The past two years have been rough for our nation. An administration change in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic threw our world into a tailspin of sorts. Political rhetoric. Vaccine mandates. Dems versus Republicans. Loved ones lost or alienated from each other. How do we cope in stressful times like these?

We put one foot in front of the other. We share love. We share hope instead of disillusionment. We share looking toward the future instead of mourning the past.

As I write this, tomorrow is our nation's Election Day for the Midterms. News media touts one candidate over the other. We are divided (despite the current president pledging to "unite" our country -- he has not done so) and we cannot turn on the television without seeing campaign ads extolling many candidates' virtues day after day.

It all ends on Tuesday, November 8.

Ballots will be counted and results announced. Some winners may wait days before they know results. Each state has its own rules, for the most part, about how citizens of voting age can cast their votes. Yet again, that has been another topic of discussion, and at times, anger over differing views has exploded.

And yet...and yet...we DO get to cast our votes. Some do so early. Some wait until Election Day to turn in their important ballots. Whichever day one does it, that action matters.

By Casting YOUR have Contributed to the process in this free nation (despite its faults) that puts men and women in power -- whether it be for four years or six years. Your Vote Counts. And IF you cast your ballot, you are invested: in this country, in its laws, in its culture, in its future.

And that is all that we each can do. VOTE. If you did so, be proud of yourself. Because no matter how it turns out, you used your voice to stand for something. For a person. For a cause. For the future.

Be proud of yourself. And pray for our nation every day. Our country needs it.

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