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Independence Day - Fails

Our country just celebrated Independence Day. I have to wonder how much of it was really a "celebration?" Sure, there were fireworks shows across the country. Even the usual "illegal" fireworks were shot off by neighbors who didn't seem to care about frightened pets or veterans with PTSD living nearby.

My point is -- what is there to celebrate, in this time of political turmoil? Most of us think the USA is the best place in the world to live. Lately the loudest voices seem to be from those who hate our country -- but they continue to live here and don't leave. Must not be so bad, right?

How can we celebrate when our country is so divided? Joe Biden promised to unite this country during the time he was campaigning (...from his basement...), and he's done anything but that. There seems to be no class coming from the White House these days with the actions and attitudes about what's best for our country.

Did you see the topless trans person parading around the WH recently at an event held by POTUS? Yes, "she" has since been banned...but she shook hands with Biden right before she bared her fake breasts. No respect for the decorum of the WH, and it was Biden who said she was among "the bravest, most inspiring people I've ever known." Really?

Now in the news is the discovery of a bag of cocaine found inside near the West Wing of the WH. Again, another sign of disrespect for what should be our nation's symbol of dignity, class and intelligence. A place to be proud of as a nation. Instead, this year's Independence Day seems cheapened and nothing to celebrate, with the way things are in D.C.

Deflection abounds about the cocaine situation. They don't know who left it, and gaslighting comes from the WH Press Secretary. Doesn't the WH have many security cameras all over? Aren't people scanned and searched before being allowed entry into what should be such a secure facility? Why the deflection and avoidance about who brought the drug into the building?

Reuters acknowledged that "The West Wing is attached to the executive mansion where President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden live." And of course, Hunter Biden visits there -- a man with a history of cocaine use. Was it a gift to Hunter? Or was his dealer simply casual in his drop-off, perhaps?

If this was so easy to accomplish -- when might the next incident of a more dangerous drug appear within reach of the POTUS? Drugs that kill, such as fentanyl, ricin or anthrax? Is the Secret Service not concerned with that? It seems to me it is of utmost importance to review the videotapes ASAP, find who left the cocaine there, and make that information public, with the person being charged in the crime.

It shouldn't take but 24-48 hours to determine who left the Schedule II drug inside the White House, if the Secret Service truly cares about the safety of the POTUS. The WH has a "zero-tolerance policy" for drug use by staffers, who must also undergo drug testing. Does that also apply to Hunter? Then there's the issue of bribes, money paid to the Bidens by the Chinese, and so much more.

Since the Bidens have been in the White House, it's been nothing but trouble for our country. High inflation, division with issues most often coming down to race, complaints about how tax dollars are being spent, support of a foreign war -- all things that serve to divide US citizens, not bring us together.

So what is the point of celebration of July 4th this year? We do it because it's a traditional holiday. Our forefathers laid the groundwork for a new way of life in this country founded 247 years ago. Could they have imagined the chaos of today's politician? I doubt it. They were young men brave enough to get out from under tyrannical rulers of England. Many Americans lost their lives in those 247 years, defending our freedoms. Thus, we celebrate in honor of them, as well.

The Roman Empire fell, remember. Economic troubles, overexpansion and overspending on military ventures, government corruption and political instability all contributed to its fall.

That all sounds like the current state of the USA, doesn't it? Our forefathers would be appalled at how the country is being run. The question might be, how many more years can this country truly celebrate the uniqueness and glory of the USA on July 4th? Will the USA suffer the same fate as the Roman Empire?

We each must pray continually that it does not. It worked so well for so long at the cost of so many lives and sacrifices. Which is at the heart of why we take time to honor our history on Independence Day. Let us not forget, no matter who is POTUS.

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