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Amazon International Best Selling Author:

"Return of Christ: The Second Coming" and "Jesus to Jesus"

ATXEditing was born out of a love of language and the written word.

Painting word pictures in the minds of readers is the goal. Finding the perfect phrase to communicate a feeling to the heart is the outcome.


While Pamela sends texts and tweets, today's world of abbreviations and "LOL" sent in haste don't have a place in the work of a writer who wants to become a best seller. The image of a business professional is created by words that build trust with customers.


​First published as a journalist in 1980, Pamela brings decades of writing and editing experience to the creative work of ATXEditing. She is experienced with newspaper, magazine and online writing. As a freelance writer she has had assignments as far away as Australia. She has produced a myriad of marketing materials in her career, and worked as a book editor. Contact Pamela today to discuss your project!


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