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  • Pamela Cosel

"Return of Christ: The Second Coming" still a bestseller

It's been six weeks since the book, "Return of Christ: The Second Coming" was released and it remains a top seller on Amazon in the four categories: Religious Biblical Fiction, Middle Eastern Literature, Christian New Testament Commentaries (USA) and in the Christian Fiction category (Canada).

It's been interesting that a number of Christians have complained on social media writing sites that the cover "doesn't look like Jesus." I have joked that had we had a recent photo of Jesus, we would have used that for the cover. Of course, no one knows what He looked like! The cover is not meant to represent anything other than a man (left side) of the historic Jerusalem culture, and the right half of the cover (with the shorter haircut) a modern-day version with a large city in the background.

When the Lord returns for his second coming, we will all see his face. Until that time, this book of fiction speculates what will happen and how today's world might receive Him, with TV broadcasts and conflict in the Middle East, which continues among cultures.

We don't have the answers. The Bible is God's Word, of course. The book was written to open a dialogue about His return. Reviews of the book on Amazon also say this book has changed a person's life, or brought them back to faith feelings again.

If we, the authors, have made a difference in just one person's life, it will have been worth it.

Both the ebook and paperback remain available on Amazon, and we are working to get it into bookstores. If you're in Austin, you can purchase it at Book People, 603 N. Lamar Blvd. They were the first to order and carry it for readers in Austin.

If I may ask, please post an online review if you purchase the book. We want to know what readers think! Thank you very much.

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