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  • Pamela Cosel

Monday's events are eerie because the book talks about burning of holy sites

Today in France the Notre Dame Cathedral went up in flames to the sorrow of many around the world. Then later this evening, I learned that the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem was also burned. What is going on?

In the newly released book, "Return of Christ: The Second Coming" for which I was co-writer and editor, the same type of scenes occur, but they all happen in the Middle East. Folks, this is a book of fiction -- and while it is entirely based on biblical writings and quotes from Scripture, and also on history in the Middle East -- to see these events occur today -- well, it's very unnerving. Again, I ask: What is going on?

The book became an Amazon #1 Best Seller in many categories on its release date of April 9, 2019. Thus, the cover (which I had a hand in designing, also) now bears a gold #1 Best Seller medallion. The made-up network news station, "News World," covers the events of bombings of historic sites, which starts the book out with action -- yet, again, it's fiction. Rachel Williams, the TV reporter, is a fictional character. Yet, as it should be, news stations today around the world are covering the story of the Notre Dame Cathedral burning.

Later, as events unfold, as the book title indicates, Jesus returns to Earth. The world discovers who the Antichrist is -- and it goes from there. Yes, Jesus wins in the end.

I have no answers. I have prayers. I have faith. I have a desire for Jesus to return to Earth, yes. Is it nearing the End Times? Some would say "yes," with the way our world is today. However, it's uncanny that the burnings of these two holy sites occur in less than a week after "Return of Christ: The Second Coming" was released. God help us.

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