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  • Pamela Cosel

It's happened: The new book is an Amazon International Best Seller!

Can there be anything more exciting than learning a book for which you were co-writer and editor has become an international best selling book in its first 24 hours of release?

There may be a few more exciting things in life...getting married...having a baby...being elected to national office. However, in my world, I've been there, done that. Well, no, not ever been a politician. Just a public servant in city government.

BUT...yes, readers..."Return of Christ: The Second Coming" is an International Best Seller. For the ebook alone! The paperback releases next week, so we'll see how that does. For now, here are the stats: Reached #1 New Release in twelve categories on Amazon, and #1 Hot Release in four categories in the US and Canada. All in all, the ebook has therefore earned the "best seller" title.

For this, I am grateful. For this, I am thankful that the team of people working on this project were so dedicated and cohesive. And for this, I am grateful to God for bringing this opportunity to me.

The message of "Return of Christ" is most necessary for our world now. There is much division and hate. This book brings people together. The story is action-packed and the characters seem real.

What would YOU do if Jesus came back to Earth today? And you witnessed him fighting and defeating the Antichrist? Read the book...and find out!

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