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Book Launch Day today! It's hitting Amazon #1 Release lists

This project started as far back as two years ago as a movie script. Then in August 2018, I was hired by that team to serve as co-writer and editor of "Return of Christ: The Second Coming." With a team of us (investors, publisher, support staff), today, April 9, 2019, the ebook is available on Amazon for 24 hours for just $0.99 -- less than a dollar!

This Christian novel is based on Biblical writings and historical facts. Yes, the characters are made up (except for Jesus!) and it's an exiting read. Main author Jack Snyder has been a screenwriter in Los Angeles for many years. As for me, I was first published as a journalist in 1980 in newspapers and have since worked for two television news stations. Wouldn't you know it -- that the main character of the book, Rachel Williams, is a national TV news reporter who is covering the signing of a world peace accord in Jerusalem -- when bombings level three holy sites unexpectedly! What happens next is the plot of the book.

So are, the book is #1 New Release in three Amazon categories: Christian Prophecy, Biblical Fiction and Middle Eastern Literature.

I am grateful for the buyers. I am grateful for this opportunity. Now I have an Author Page on Amazon...a lifelong dream to be published with books. My path will continue, God willing.

The book trailer is on YouTube:

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