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Start your writing project now!

I am blessed to be working with four different authors as of this month. Each is enthusiastic and passionate about their projects, as any writer should be. Many "would be" writers get stuck on fear. They ask themselves, "Can I write?" "Do I have anything of value to say?" "Will anyone care or want to read what I write?" My advice: Don't let those questions stop you.

I was an avid reader as a young child. I still am. When I was age 11, it occurred to me that I wanted to be a writer. Even then I had those fears: What should I write about, will anyone want to read my stuff? Human beings are communicators. We want to share our stories, our experiences, our beliefs and values. God made us that way for a reason -- to connect with our fellow humans.

Are you a writer who is stuck on an idea? One who isn't sure how to shape your project? I say, just dive in! Maybe it won't be published...but don't think about that yet. Just write. Put pen to the paper or fingers to the keyboard. Let the thoughts flow. Begin the process. Until you, the wannabe writer, does that, it all stays locked in your head and heart. If you truly have a desire to write, then just do it, as Nike says. When you are ready to have an editor look it over and help you shape your story or book, I will be a compassionate, energetic advocate for you, working alongside and for you to make your project sing and get completed. Send me an email if you have any questions about how to begin. As I wrote above, I too had those fears. The more one writes, the more the words flow. You can do it!

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