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  • Pamela Cosel

Politics -- Overload!

Nearly a week ago, we voted. The turnout was larger than in so many years past and that's a good thing. Did your candidate win? Likely, some did. The hate and anger is too much, however, and it's time we treat each other with respect and love. Political commercials foster discord. Social media posts let us hide behind the keyboard -- would we saw to our "friends" in person what we tend to write online? I think not. The day after the election, posts already called for "2020" or "He'll be a great presidential candidate..." and it's too much...for me, anyway. Let's live in the present. By always looking forward to an (unpredictable) future, we lose "today." Yes, one must plan and hope for the future, but don't miss today. Don't overload your mind with the "what if" because you'll miss the "what is now." Stay calm, stay the course, stay positive. But don't overload yourself or the rest of us with hate, anger and discord. Isn't sharing peace much more productive?

Have a great day. Stay true to yourself. Love your neighbor.

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