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Tweets From My Dogs

Sometime last year, in wanting to be anonymous in the Twitter world, I created an account for my two dogs. When I feel "they" (rather "I") have something to say, a tweet, written from a dog's perspective, hits the cyber-world. It's been a source of amusement and challenge for me to see how I put a twist on a topic of the month, out of the mouth of, they observe human behavior in their own way.

This week the topic is the election. What else? Never has there been such a variety of carnival acts from which to choose. Forget Republicans or Democrats. Where's the humanity and sanity?

Thus, the tweet from my dogs this week came of in the form of something like this: "The next POTUS will be a dog." "Why?" "Master says they're all barking a lot." Perhaps not too amusing, but one can't overlook the comparison -- lots of noise, an annoying racket, a pack of dogs on the run.

Oh, yes, I voted in the primary. Even switched parties, a rare thing. Still, it's a dog-eat-dog world -- and until the shrills and "woof, woof" die down, my pets will ponder the outcome of the primaries and wonder which of the candidates will cause such a mess that even the pooper scooper companies will have a hard time cleaning up the droppings.

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