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Pamela A. Cosel

Editor | Copywriter


Have you written a book?

ATXEditing can help get your manuscript ready for publishing.


Do you need help with your words and organization?

Let ATXEditing provide constructive feedback on your ideas.


What about marketing materials?

Do you need someone to write dazzling text so customers sit up and take notice? ATX Editing can design your products, write the copy, all according to your budget and deadlines.


Relocated to Eureka, CA | July 2021

Fee Schedule

Each job is as unique to me as you, the client, makes it. For that reason, costs are priced on a per-job basis in consultation about your needs. Send me an email with a description of your project, and how you want my help. I'm ready to make your copy sing!


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Contact: 512-944-7128
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